Business domiciliation: what do you need to know?


Business domiciliation is a real problem for entrepreneurs at the start of their activity. You need to have a strategic location that will allow you to have good visibility. What is a commercial domiciliation? How is the commercial domiciliation done?

What is commercial domiciliation? 

The commercial domiciliation of a company is an essential data which takes an important place at the time of the creation of the legal person. This is in fact the address of your company, that is to say the place where all third parties (creditors, suppliers, administration, etc.) can get in touch with the company. A direct debit which is important and which must imperatively be updated in the event of a change, at the risk of sanction. Find out all about the rules governing business domiciliation.

How to make a commercial domiciliation? 

Business domiciliation takes place at the time of registration of a company. Thus, just like the company name or the name of the legal representative, the business address must be advertised in a legal notices newspaper in order to notify third parties. Subsequently, it must be declared at the same time as the other information identifying the company about to be born, to the formality center of the companies on which your activity depends: registry of the commercial court or chamber of trades and crafts.

For a commercial company, the domiciliation is carried out using the CERFA M0 form available directly on the infogreffe site. You will then need to provide proof of the domiciliation address (by providing an invoice, a lease contract or an accommodation certificate, for example). This domiciliation is carried out at the same time as the registration of the company. Note that in the event of a change of address of the legal person, the new domiciliation address must be declared quickly to the clerk of the commercial court in order to update the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) by filling out a form. CERFA M2.



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