What is international law?

Each country can define its rules and modes of operation and governance which apply to it and to it alone. In multinational relations, these regulations are called national law. The latter varies from one country to another and takes into account the specificities, realities and endogenous values ​​of each country. But conversely, there is also an international law. This right concerns partnerships or even relations between nations and international legal organizations. What is international law? What are the different types of international rights and their fundamental principles?


What should we understand from international law?

By definition, international law represents all the relationships and relationships existing between two or more nations. It defines the framework for cooperation between countries and allows them to build relationships with each other. Indeed, international relations represent an arsenal which specifies and determines the areas of cooperation. It also determines and defines the obligations of the countries towards each other.

What are the categories of international rights?

There are two main categories of international rights. Public international law and private international law. Public international law primarily concerns the rights and obligations of countries towards one another. Countries are therefore the main actors in international law. Note, however, that in this area, the word "states" is usually used rather than "country". Public international law also concerns international organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

As for private international law, it takes into account the relationships that exist between the citizens of different countries. Take the example of a couple made up of an American and a Frenchwoman. They got married in France and now live in Quebec. If they wish to divorce, it is the rules of private international law that will allow them to know whether it is a court in the United States, France or Quebec that can pronounce their divorce.



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